NARVESO Version 0.96 (Beta 5)

Al Sabawi


BETA 5 Release



This is a game to challenge those among us with interest in the workings of basic laws of physics and geometry to hold up stable structures. The game assumes a group of parents, with the guidance of an engineer, trying to deliver their children to safety and to give them a chance for the better life. The escape from the scene is always through a vehicle of some sorts. To get to that vehicle, a structure is required to be built which involves the joining of the parentsí arms (2 each of course). The children walk that structure always aiming as high as possible. The parents forming the structure should build it in the correct geometry and with support to keep it stable and steady for the children to climb on to the vehicle.


Deliver as many children (little green balls) as possible in the shortest possible time using as few parents as possible in building the delivery structure. The children should be delivered to the vehicle awaiting in a hard to get to location, once the minimum number of children are loaded on the vehicle, ensure that the vehicle is propelled or lifted so it can take off and leave the scene. The departure of the vehicle from the scene in NOT automatic after the children are loaded, so the player must do something to get it lifted and moving. The score is measured on the number of children saved (there is a minimum for each game), time elapsed, and parents utilized to build the structure. .



There are 2 levels implemented: Easy, and Medium. The 3rd, Hard, is still under development at the time I am writing this. The deference between the levels is in the rigidity of the initial structures built by the parents and the overall stability of it. I maintain that by zeroing out some of the forces and damping out rotations in the joints that may lead to early collapse of the structure. In Medium and Hard levels, I do less of that maintenance to hold up the structure, and that requires the player to construct it with better geometry and more parents to make the structure more stable. Obviously, the objective of the game is to get the children to the vehicle before the structure collapses in as fast a time as possible, not necessarily to build the perfect structure.


Windows XP and Vista -- Minimum 1GB of RAM (slow), 2GB or more is preferred. This has not been tested on older Video cards, but this game is demanding of Video memory and will work much better on a wider screens.




Al Sabawi